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Thank you for your interest in membership.  The process of becoming a member of Eastwood Presbyterian Church begins in the Inquirer’s Class. This class is an introduction to the life, history, leadership, doctrine, and practices of the church. It is taught during the Sunday School hour three times a year. Our Sunday School year is divided into four quarters: Spring beginning in March, Summer beginning in June, Fall beginning in September, and Winter beginning in December. At the beginning of the Sunday School Quarters in September (Fall), March (Spring), and June (Summer) the inquirers class is offered. The class typically lasts six weeks.

After completing the class, you will have a brief interview with the leadership of the church, the Session. There you have an opportunity to speak about your commitment to Jesus Christ and your desire to unite with the church. This interview is an informal time to testify to your relationship with Christ but also to meet the leadership of the church. After the interview, you will take your vows of membership before the congregation in a Sunday morning service.

Please contact our office if you are interested in joining Eastwood Church.