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Vacation Bible School 2017

Our VBS theme this year was, ‘Paul and the Underground Church’.  The children were able to visit each day with Paul and his guard Brutus, to discover how God has a plan for each of us and how He will never leave us! Paul told the children of how he wrote to his friends in other churches to encourage them even though he was under house arrest.  The children also visited with members of the underground church and narrowly escaped being caught by Roman guards.  The marketplace was filled with different shops where the children could apprentice and learn skills. They interacted with shopkeepers and were often times shocked to learn that some of them were not Christians!  Skits helped to emphasize the daily Bible point and cement the truths that were being taught for the day.  It was a great week of learning about the apostle Paul and the early church.

Also, this year our VBS raised money for the First Choice Women’s Medical Center.