Eastwood Homeschool Covering

Eastwood Presbyterian Church School (EPCS) - Homeschool covering

Eastwood Presbyterian Church School (EPCS) fulfills the requirements for the Church School option to legally homeschool in Alabama (https://hslda.org/post/how-to-comply-with-alabamas-homeschool-law).  There are no fees.  The only requirement is to keep track of instructional days. 

MEETINGS: There is one scheduled meeting each fall which all homeschooling families in the covering are encouraged to attend. Parents coordinate additional meetings as desired for field trips and other educational activities (see list of past field trips below).   In addition, there is a regular prayer night for homeschool moms each month.  All moms are encouraged to attend or communicate your prayer requests if you are unable to make it.

ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility for EPCS is for any member or regular attending family at EPC in good standing and who is under the care of an active elder.  Additionally, families who are members in good standing in sister reformed churches in the River Region are eligible to apply contingent on an elder from their congregation agreeing to shepherd the family and communicate with the EPCS coordinator. 

TESTING: Eastwood Christian School (ECS) provides an opportunity for EPCS students to join with ECS students for standardized testing.  Notification is sent out in the fall for spring test dates.  Cost for this optional opportunity is the current year standardized testing fee.

REQUIRED INSTRUCTIONAL DAYS: Homeschool families are recommended to provide at least 170 days of instruction each school year. Included in these 170 days are testing days (such as SAT and ACT), field trips and other outside instructional activities, and up to 10 sick days.

DETERMINATION OF VALEDICTORIAN: EPCS determines the valedictorian each year to provide graduating seniors with additional scholarship opportunities.  Due to the wide variation of educational experience possible with homeschooling, the Homeschool Committee appointed by the Session of Eastwood Presbyterian Church selects the valedictorian based on the following criteria:

1) GPA based on a transcript showing course title, course grade and overall GPA, as well as a brief explanation of those courses whose content is not obvious.

2) ACT and/or SAT scores.

3) No more than one page describing significant extracurricular activities. This item has less weight than the previous two and is used for differentiating between two very close students.

The items listed above are submitted to the school administrator no later than April 1. A mid-term grade should be included for the final semester.

There is a large amount of subjectivity in this decision. For example, a more rigorous curriculum will be given more weight than an easy one. The committee provides a written decision to the parents of all graduating seniors.

EPCS STUDENT ACTIVITIES: The following is a sample of some of the activities EPCS students participate in.

Previous EPCS Field Trips: (sorted by distance from downtown Montgomery)