Listed below are links to resources available to you for your spiritual growth.



Historic Creeds and Confessions 

The Banner of Truth

Ligonier Ministries

The Gospel Reformation Network

Reformation Heritage Books



Eastwood Affirmation of the Christian Sabbath

Who is Jesus? - Kevin DeYoung

Historic Biblical Christianity & Contemporary Progressive Christianity - Harry Reeder

Let the Children Worship: 10 Reasons to Include Children in Corporate Worship - Jason Helopoulos

Recovering the Lost Treasure of Lord’s Day Evening Worship - Jon Payne

The Glory of Plodding - Kevin DeYoung

Scripture Alone - Michael Kruger

A Curriculum for Those Wrestling Through Covenant Theology and Infant Baptism - R. Scott Clark

Videos and Lectures

What is the Gospel? - R.C. Sproul

How to Read the Bible - Sinclair Ferguson

The Gospel Issues of Revoice and "Gay Christianity" - Richard Phillips

A Faith Worth Fighting For - Jon Payne

Is Reformed Worship Eurocentric? Interacting with the Idea of 'White Worship'" - Terry Johnson

A Paedobaptist Position on Baptism - R.C. Sproul 

I Will Be a God to You and to Your Children (Covenant Theology Series) - R. Scott Clark

Introduction to Reformed Theology (GPTS Seminary Class) - Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.