Eastwood Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Our desire is to glorify and enjoy God by obeying the Great Commission and making disciples in Montgomery, Alabama. Our highest priorities are  to worship God according to Scripture and to love each other well.

The concept of Eastwood Presbyterian Church grew from a 1976 Men´s Bible Study through a book called Body Life written by Ray Stedman about the purpose and nature of such a church.

In the spring of 1977, a small group from that Bible study desired to see a new church that embraced the body life concept. They agreed to pray for one month to see if God was leading in that direction. By June of 1977, some twelve couples and their children were meeting in homes on Sunday nights. There were so many children they soon outgrew homes and were looking for a new place to meet.

Trinity Presbyterian School´s multipurpose room became the site of Sunday evening worship for this small group in July 1977. Their goal was to start a Sunday morning worship service once they reached 17 committed families. That goal was attained by November 1977, and the first morning worship was held during a weekend retreat at Camp Hargis Christian Retreat a month later.

God answered the prayers of this group as He continued to raise up new members. Eastwood was received as a Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) mis

sion church by Evangel Presbytery in October 1978. A pulpit committee was elected and began the search for a pastor. Most of the church families were young, so the pulpit committee set criteria for a mature pastor who was married and had already raised a family—but God had different criteria. Eastwood welcomed 28-year old bachelor Aaron Fleming as pastor in November 1979, and he served the church for 31 years.

Throughout the past forty five years, the church has added ministries and buildings, and most recently, a Christian School, all for the continuing goal of presenting every man mature in Christ. There have been challenges and great blessings as we live in the constant need of grace. We invite you to come and be a part of the story!